Is there paperwork to complete?

 Yes, client intake sheets are completed and this takes approximately 10 minutes. You will speak with the massage therapist and he/she will help.


Are the necessary forms available to complete prior to the appointment?

Yes, you can print, complete and bring the forms to your first visit. If you have any questions, please feel free to call.


Can I just complete the forms when I come in for my first visit?

Of course, preparing the forms prior to your first visit is just an option that SOME will choose. We have hard copies prepared for your visit.


How do you wrap the body?

First, the lotion with oils is applied to skin. Then, the body is wrapped using large towels, blanket, and thermal blanket.


How long is the wrap?

You stay wrapped for 25-30 minutes.


After the wrap?

Well, then a one-hour massage.


During the wrap are the oils diffused?

The oils will be diffused while you are wrapped and during the massage.


After the Wrap and Massage?

Well, we always give our clients water. This is done no matter what type of session: Reiki, Massage, Aromatherapy or Reflexology.


What is the difference between the Aromatherapy Wrap and the AromaTouch?

For the wrap, the oils are mixed in the lotion and smoothed over the body, and then you are cocooned with different blankets.

The AromaTouch is oils application using eight different oils. Four systems are addressed: stress, toxicity, inflammation, and homeostasis (balance)


How long does the AromaTouch take?

 This takes 40-50 minutes.


Does insurance pay for Aromatherapy?

 No, insurance doesn’t cover. At least none of which I am aware. Always check with your insurance company for exact answers.