An Essential Oils Message from Sandra Albright, Certified Aroma Therapist


In the course of my studies to become a certified aroma therapist, I found it most interesting that as we are now rediscovering and relearning the benefits of essential oils, their benefits were well known as far back as the Old Testament.  The gifts to the Christ child of gold, frankincense and myrrh are significant because it gives us an idea of how revered these items were.  Frankincense today is known as the king of oils as it has so many healing properties.  Of course the modern day distilling methods did not exist in that time, making these oils all the more precious.


Today, through clinical studies, we know that just by smelling  an essential oil, employing our olfactory senses, it directly effects the central nervous system allowing us to appreciate and heed the power of these ancient remedies in application.


Each essential oil has an emotional element as well as a physical element to support the body’s ability to heal and they each have the capacity to uplift us in body, mind and spirit. What a precious gift from our creator to have at our disposal.