Reiki Rays of Hope for Caregivers Program


This “Project Testimonials” is from the work of Reiki Rays for Caregivers.  

Article by Judy McCracken – CEO; Reiki Rays of Hope for Families and Children, LLC was featured in the Reiki News Magazine.


Pilot project in Montefiore Nursing Home in Beachwood, Ohio assessing the effects of Reiki treatments on 42 residents with Alzheimer’s/Dementia, with special interest in Sundowner Syndrome time periods.


Received a $50,000 grant to train 142 caregivers of loved ones with Alzheimer’s/Dementia in Reiki Level One from a 5 county area in collaboration with the Alzheimer’s Association of Greater Cleveland.


Provided Reiki sessions for staff members of Hospice of the Western Reserve via a contract with the agency.


Trained mothers of children with Autism using grants from the National Council of Jewish Women and the Breakfast Club of Beachwood, Ohio.


Testimonials from Parents of Children with Autism


“He has been a little more social. He doesn’t seem as extremely anxious when family members come over.” 


“It has given me hope for the future of my son, with communication and socializing. There is more communication, less stress, just calmness.”


 “My Asperger son had his best week at school. He had less stimming and anxiety and was more attentive. I have had a reduction in migraines and feel more grounded. Being a mother of two Autistic kids can make you feel hopeless. I feel more empowered.”


 “I loved the Reiki One class. It was informative, comfortable and an eye- opener. I have found Reiki to be a stress reliever and an empowering force in my daily life and daily struggles with my children, two of whom are ASD. Reiki has calmed and empowered me.”


 “I feel more calm and less anxiety. I am sleeping better and feeling hopeful for the future. The Reiki class gave me a happy, peaceful feeling, greater awareness of the important things in life.”

Contracted with University Hospitals Connor Integrative Medicine Network (CIMN) to provide Reiki classes for staff and community members and Reiki sessions to staff and patients.


Testimonials from University Hospitals and Connor Integrative Medicine Network


“I feel like I can take on the world and always knew I wanted to use my hands in life for something. I feel like I found my purpose to help and heal.”



“Less stressed, less abdominal pain, better digestion, more focused. I’m calmer and more focused on the important things, like people.”



“I usually perform Reiki lying down and I am asleep before I know it. I wake up rested.”



“Ever since I was a child, I believed that there was more to this reality than could be sensed by the five senses. This class, some 45 years later, brought it home.”



“I am able to relate to negative people better. I have a desire to learn—something I had lost.”



“Reassuring to me to follow my gut, my dreams and not to be afraid. I’ve done more to move forward in the last week than in a long time—thank you!!!”



“Powerful! I was very relaxed. It helped ease cervical and lower back pains. It was especially helpful in letting me sleep through the night. Prior, I was up and down all night.”



“Very empowering. I will continue to use Reiki for myself and others. Looking forward to Levels II and III.”



“I have noticed a marked degree in my stress level. It actually works!”



For more details and information, just call and Deborah will be happy to meet with you and provide additional documentation about studies and research