Jikiden Reiki® Seminar at Virginia Beach

Frank Arjava Petter

Guest Lecturer & Author

May 14 through May 21                     


10am to 6pm Daily

Virginia Beach Resort Hotel & Conference

2800 Shore Drive, Virginia Beach, VA, 23451

(800) 468-2722

Specific Class Information Dates Tuition Deposit
Shoden & Okuden May 14 – May 18 $ 900 (New Student) $250
(Levels 1 & 2)   $300 (Resit-Review S/O)  
Shihan Kaku May 14 – May 20 $1550 (New Student) $250
(Assistant Teacher)   $525 (Resit-Review S/O/SK)  
Shihan May 14 – May 21 $1200 (New Student) $250
(Teacher)   $625 (Resit-Review S/O/SK/S)  


Arjava Seminar Registration Form-2018

NAME:_____________________________________________________________________ DATE________________________


PHONE_____________________(HOME)                PHONE _________________________(CELL)


□Shoden/Okuden □New □Resit □Full  Fee $900 □Deposit  $250             Pay By
□Shihan Kaku □New □Resit □Full Fee $1550 □Deposit $250          □Check
□Shihan □New □Resit □Full Fee $1200 □Deposit $250          □Credit Card


Total Due       _______                    Paid    ___________                       Balance Due            ________


Deposits are non-refundable. Full Tuition/Balance Due is required by April 14, 2018. Payment by Credit Card or Check.  

No refunds of Seminar Tuition after April 30, 2018.

**For those taking Shihan Kaku and Shihan Seminar. Upon registration,  the updated requirements will be emailed to you. Once Jikiden Reiki® Institute requirements are met, please upload all documentation onto a USB (thumb drive) and present it upon registration on Day One or email those documents to me at deb@reikicenter4you.com and I will forward them to Arjava sensei.

Shihan students are required to purchase scroll from Jikiden Reiki Institute. Contact Deb for details and further information.

Please make checks payable to Reiki Center for Body and Mind and mail to Deborah Pecka, 1662 St Francis Lane, Altoona, PA  16602. Please call 814-207-5294 to make payment by Credit Card.  Due to the increasing credit card processing fees, a check is preferred, if possible. Thank you!