Mikao Usui was born on August 15, 1865 in a small village of Taniai, Japan. Through many life experiences and adversities, he asked “what is the real meaning of life”. Through his life, he had many occupations. One occupation was as the private secretary to Count Shinpei Goto, which led to strong ties with high officials in the imperial army and navy as well as the government. This will prove to be vital to the history and teachings of Reiki.

At a certain point in time, he was led to Mt. Kurama in 1922. The experience at Mt. Kurama would change his life and the lives of many. After receiving this experience for the first time, he journeyed back to validate his experience. 

Usui’s first organization was Shin Shin Kaizen Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai. The aim of the association was to respect the great work of Reiki and to work on “self” with daily diligence. 

In one month after his experience, he began to teach Reiki to others. Many of the high officials were interested in Usui’s Reiki work. It is said that the highest accomplishment of his work was that he did not create a religion. Again, Reiki is not a religion.

Usui traveled throughout Japan teaching Reiki. During one of his teaching trips, he had a cerebral hemorrhage after a stroke and passed away on March 9, 1926.

Usui taught 20 Shihans. Shihan is the teacher level of Reiki. One student was Chujiro Hayashi. Hayashi sensei opened a Reiki center and continued teaching Reiki. 

In 1938 Hayashi taught Hawayo Takata in Tokyo. He also taught a 17-year-old named Chiyoko Yamaguchi. Chiyoko Yamaguchi was the niece of Wasaburo Sugano, and he hosted seminar’s at his home. The Uncle had been trained in Reiki methods ten years earlier, and had paid for all his large family to be trained by Hayashi sensei. Hayashi Sensei died in 1940. 

Hawayo Takata returned to her home in Hawaii. Mrs. Takata hosted seminars led by Hayashi sensei. This is taken from the archives of the Hawaiian Hochi, which is their local newspaper. Mrs. Takata is known for the development of what most call Western Reiki. Many variations of Western Reiki exist: over 90 forms. If you do a blanket internet search, you will find so many variations of what people call Reiki. I have seen Bicycling Reiki, Chakra Reiki, Rainbow Reiki, etc. 

In Japan, Chiyoko Yamaguchi continued practicing Reiki for her family and community. Many traveled to her home for Reiki treatments. In 1999, Chiyoko Yamaguchi was mentioned in a book written by a Reiki teacher in Japan, and people were excited to learn of someone who was practicing just as Hayashi Sensei had taught and practiced. Chiyoko and her son, Tadao, were convinced by others to begin teaching workshops, so that more people could learn the original methods in all of their purity.

The name Jikiden was given, which means “direct teaching.” Together, mother and son started the Jikiden Reiki® Association and began teaching workshops in Kyoto, Japan. Since then, more and more people are drawn to Jikiden Reiki because of it authenticity and simplicity.

We hope to teach many this very beautiful “original teaching”.