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Therapeutic Massage

30 minute                               $30

60 minute                               $50

90 minute                               $75

Myofascial Release

Full Body

60 minute                                $65


Myofascial Release for Upper or Lower Body

Offered ONLY with Therapeutic Massage

Total Time 70 minutes       $75


Manual Lymph Drainage Massage – MLD – Vodder Technique

MLD Sequence for Primary and Secondary Lymphedema

or Full Body

60 minute                               $75


Basic MLD Including Deep Breathing

(Jumpstart your Lymph System)

Offered ONLY with Therapeutic Massage

Total Time 75 minutes           $75


Pregnancy Massage

60 minute                                $50


Deep Tissue Massage

60 minute                                $65

90 minute                                $85


Jikiden Reiki® Session

Jikiden Reiki® Session

60 minute                              $50

90 minute                              $75


Essential Oils

Essential Oils Technique

45 minute                                $50


Combination Care


Approximately two hours                             $100

(60-minute Massage/60 minute Reiki session)


Essential Oils Technique/Reiki Session

Approximately one hour-45 minute           $100

Essential Oils Technique (approximately 45 min)/Jikiden Reiki session (60 minutes)


Massage/Essential Oils Technique/Reiki 

Approximately two hours-45 minute           $140

(60-minute Massage/Essential Oils Technique/60-minute Reiki Session)


Far Infrared Sauna with Chromotherapy

30 minute                                                $30

35 minute                                                $35

45 minute                                                $45

The sauna is a two-person sauna. Bring  a friend and add $5

Sauna includes Medical-Grade Chromotherapy

Please bring your own towel for the sauna seat and small towel for the sauna floor

Please hydrate before and after you use a sauna


Foot Detox

30 minute                                                  $35



50 minute                                                  $50


Bach Flower Remedy

Initial Meeting (Remedy Bottle Included)

50-60 Minutes                                           $50

Subsequent visit                                      $35

Health Coach 

Initial Meeting and Plan Development

50-60 Minutes                                          $50

Subsequent Visits                                  $35