Reiki Center – approved site in PA to offer this program as permitted by Judy McCracken, CEO/President of Reiki Rays of Hope, Inc.

Reiki Classes – Caregivers – $175

Class Schedule and Model Below

Book and program developed by Reiki Rays of Hope for Caregivers, Inc., Cleveland, OH area; book is included in the tuition fee.

Clinical studies have been conducted and the amazing results are posted on the RRoH site. University Hospital and RRoH began with 15-minute sessions given to hospital staff. Since some of the staff members were unable to leave their station, Reiki Practitioners from RRoH completed the session at their station. Over 1700 sessions were done with profound results as evident from the assessment of staff.


Then, University Hospital authorized the RRoH team to begin giving Reiki Sessions to patients pre-op/post-op/rehab Orthopedic Surgical patients. Again, the clinical evidence proved Reiki to be quite beneficial.

Next assignment and currently RRoH is assisting in the Oncology Wing at University Hospital.

Reiki for Caregivers – Low cost to Caregivers

Optional Class Models for an eight hours of class instruction as follows:

Four two-hour sessions in four consecutive weeks (preferred)

Two four-hour session in a two consecutive weeks (within one month)

One full-day session of eight-hour training.

Model individually designed to the needs of caregiver participants and scheduling is based on the availability of student.

The “Mission” of Reiki Rays of Hope for Caregivers is “To empower caregivers through instruction in Reiki relaxation to help and comfort themselves and those in their care.”

Many thanks and blessings to Judy McCracken, President/CEO and Mary Ellen Lucas, Director of Operations who gave much time to teach me how to bring this program to our community.

Highlights of the 4th Conference
You CAN Manifest Your Dreams

Judy McCracken, Mary Ellen Lucas

Over 100 Reiki practitioners attended the 4th national Reiki conference held in October, 2013 in Cleveland, Ohio. Sponsored by our nonprofit organization, REIKI RAYS OF HOPE FOR CAREGIVERS, INC., the two-day conference featured speakers who have been able to manifest a dream/vision into a real program or service.


    This renowned healer inspired many participants to tears as he relayed his journey from youth to the manifestation of his literal dream/vision of a holistic wellness center, now offering a variety of healing services. Dr. Keith attributes his success to his willingness to follow his intuition, his inner knowing, taking each step forward regardless of strong opposition from those around him. He urged all to listen to their inner voice with the courage to follow it to conversion of dream to reality. His new book, THE PRACTICE, gives the reader his recipe for living life in faith and trust and in alignment with the source within.
    Kathie returned to the annual conference as a key speaker by popular demand. Her presentation, REIKI AND POST TRAUMATIC STRESS, was profoundly informative and educational, packed with substantive facts and tips on the use of Reiki with folks with PTSD, not limited to service veterans. Kathie too has followed her intuition to become an advocate for the help Reiki can provide to this population. Evaluations were glowing and appreciative of the up-to-date content and Kathie’s warm and sensitive approach to a difficult topic.
    Dr. Cheng gave a power point presentation on the exciting research results of a three-month project using Reiki for anxiety and pain relief on pre/post surgical patients in a Cleveland-area hospital. The 222 patients received 15 minute Reiki treatments before and/or after surgery from Reiki masters of Reiki Rays of Hope, coordinating agency of the project. The results were statistically significant in positive factors for both pain and anxiety. Dr. Cheng emphasized that she had been able to prove the results were due to Reiki, not chance. This presentation was followed by a panel of RROH Reiki masters who provided the hospital Reiki services, giving tips on using Reiki in hospital settings. Publication of this Reiki research is in process.
    BARBARA SALERNO, Clinical Administrator
    This husband/wife team own and operate a veterinary hospital for small animals east of Cleveland, Ohio. Barbara, a Reiki master, began to experiment with Reiki on her own pets. She then carried the practice into the hospital with permission from pet owners. Dr. Alan discovered dramatic improvements and healing in animals treated with both Reiki and traditional interventions. He took a Reiki level one class and the two began charting results of testing before and after Reiki interventions. Their power point presentation clearly showed statistically significant positive results, enhanced by delightful photos of their dog and cat patients. Barbara demonstrated successful hand positions she uses for animal Reiki treatments. Pet owners now request Reiki intervention along with the standard treatments. Dr. Alan stressed that the positive Reiki effects on animals can NOT be a placebo effect, as often attributed to human patient success with Reiki. It was pointed out that this doctor and his Reiki master provide truly integrated medicine. All were asked to dream that all types of doctors would have a Reiki master on their team.
    Michelle returned for the 4th time as keynote speaker, again by popular demand. Michelle presented two sessions: REIKI GUIDING DREAMS TO REALITY and COMPASSIONATE PRESENCE. Michelle inspires participants every year to BE REIKI, with her wonderful, light-hearted presentations and variety of examples of radiating Reiki light in every activity, every day. Her focus is health care facilities but her practical approach to Reiki for life applies to all. She gives participants a yearly “shot in the heart” to BE models of Reiki.
    Jane, another popular repeat presenter at the RROH conferences, shared her journey in setting up the REIKI SHARE PROJECT, a nonprofit organization she has established in Chicago. Jane also emphasized the wonderment of manifesting visions into reality. She credited Reiki for easing her over many barriers and opening many doors to significant connections. Jane’s passion for Reiki and dreams of making it accessible to all permeated her message with urgings for all Reiki practitioners to do their part in sharing the gifts of Reiki.
  • Other presentations included: an interactive wellness self-inventory; meditation; creating a culture of caring in healthcare facilities; nutrition; Reiki in hospice and palliative care programs. Reiki practitioners attended from many states and all enjoyed the community of like-minded Reiki family.