Jikiden Reiki

Jikiden Reiki® teachings are from the original, authentic Japanese lineage. This lineage goes from Mikao Usui to Dr. Chujiro Hayashi to Wasaburo Sugano and Mrs. Chiyoko Yamaguchi to her son Tadao Yamaguchi.

Jikiden Reiki® allows you to experience and learn the traditional Japanese form in its original beauty and simplicity. Jikiden means “direct teachings.”

Chiyoko Yamaguchi and her son Tadao Yamaguchi worked together to bring us the most pure sense of Usui’s teachings through Dr. Hayashi.

In the US, many began practicing Reiki; however, in Japan, Chiyoko sensei had been practicing this technique for some 65 years. Traditional Reiki had no content based on chakras or crystals or other tools. It is simply hands-on and allowing the body to make its necessary adjustments.

Since it was believed that no students directly taught by either Mikao Usui or Dr. Hayashi existed any longer, Western Reiki was being taught in Japan. That was believed true until a woman was mentioned in a book. The woman mentioned was Chiyoko Yamaguchi. She was only 17 years old when she learned Reiki from Hayashi sensei. Her son Tadao Yamaguchi had grown up with Reiki; Reiki was utilized as their first care for ailments. Chiyoko sensei used Reiki for 65 years. 

Thanks to Chiyoko sensei and Tadao sensei, this would be the birth of Jikiden Reiki®. The Jikiden Reiki Institute was born and the original teachings would be given.

We are blessed to offer our community Jikiden Reiki® with original beauty and simplicity.

For additional information, please see the official site at https://www.jikiden-reiki.com/

Shoden and Okuden are currently taught at the Reiki Center. Please contact Deborah at 814-2047-5294