Your Reiki Class



Shoden Class                $375

Class is scheduled as a one-on-one. It has been our experience that students prefer to take classes based on their availability. Therefore, if you choose to take classes, please contact Deborah to discuss what works best for you. For class practice, a Center practitioner will be invited.



      Your Reiki Investment

  • Receive three Reiju (attunements) in a two or three day seminar
  • Receive a Jikiden Reiki manual
  • Hear about the history of Reiki and of  Mikao Usui its founder’s  life
  • Hear about the history of Jikiden Reiki and the Yamaguchi family
  • Learn the meaning of the Japanese kanji in the word Reiki
  • Learn the objectives and focus of Jikiden Reiki
  • Hear, say following the teacher, and learn the Gokai – the five Reiki Principles in Japanese
  • Do Reiki Mawashi  (a method used to feel the Reiki energy flowing and to give feedback to others in the seminar)
  • Learn about the concept of Byosen
  • Learn some of Reiki’s uses and methods
  • Learn and uses the first Shirushi or symbol
  • Learn and practices Ketsueki Kokan (blood circulation technique)
  • Do Reiki Okuri (another method used to feel the Reiki energy flowing)
  • Learn Hatsurei-Ho (a method used to practice Reiki at home)
  • Have Reiki practice and exchange with their Teacher and other students
  • Receive a certificate from his/her Teacher in either English or his/her own language
  • Receive a Jikiden Reiki Seminar Attendance Record card stamped by his/her teacher
  • Receive a certificate in Japanese from the Jikiden Reiki Institute