Just for Today…


I will be free of anger

I will be free of worry

I will be grateful for my many blessings

I will do my work honestly with my whole heart and soul

I will be kind to my neighbors and all living things




Usui Sensei named the method (he had given birth to) Shin Shin Kaizen Usui Reiki Ryoho..




“For the improvement of body and mind/spirit/soul energy healing system”

The society he founded was called Shin Shin Kaizen Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai. Since this name was quite long, it became known as Usui Reiki Ryoho, then just simply called Reiki.

REIKI PRINCIPLES LAID THE FOUNDATION of the practice of Reiki. This “ground work” is the ethical basis as well as the “Reiki Way of Life”.


Easier said than done??? To obtain a higher understanding of our purpose in life as well as to achieve our purpose on earth, these principles are great guidance in our quest for a “peaceful” lifestyle. It begins with us…..each of us.


To further explain these principles….one must seek for TODAY ONLY..the here and now. The past is merely a representation of things…lessons…of which we have learned to become the person of today. The future is merely representation of things in which are not known to us for now. This teaches us that we are not in control of the future…to let go of things of which I have no control. Have trust and faith in the Highest Power that we will be guided to where we are intended. ENJOY TODAY….IT IS A GIFT….A PRESENT….the gift of present time. We can impact our today if we are fully in the NOW.


Kyo Dakawa (Just for Today)



Ikaru-na – Do not be angry

Anger is toxic. It poisons the body and soul. Is that good for balance of your mind/body/spirit?  This encompasses judgements as well.

We have no authority in which to judge others. We do, however, have the authority over our reactions. We DO have the authority to stay in our peaceful state. We control only ourselves and the way we perceive the situation. Some situations put us in the frontline of Learning. So when you feel angered, examine why you feel it. Don’t judge others or yourself too harshly. See it, feel it, let go of it. Practice…



Shinpai suna – Do not worry

This is the second “poison” of the body and spirit. The principles advise us to let go of worry.

Easier said than done? Well, if we are constantly in the “worry” state, what happens to our bodies? You see from past experiences that you have had, what happens? Did you have control of the situation? Did you try to control others to obtain YOUR desired results? In actuality, the worry and release of worry indicates that we let go of control and TRUST in the Highest Power for guidance of all situations. To worry is to have distrust in the Highest Power. Trust me, I know this is difficult. Some feel as though this is a normal emotion. Yes, I agree, for the most part. But it is in seeing that we are given the lesson. Frist seek to understand.



Kansha shite – Be grateful

Gratitude is the antidote for anger and worry. Whenever those two come to visit you….REMEMBER GRATITUDE. See the daily lights of the “good”.

Having the ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE is a daily lesson. Take time to understand the meaning of gratitude. With open heart, we see our daily blessings. We can see more than physical gifts of this life. We can look to the unseen gifts. Can you see them? Can you name them? Do the most important gifts have a monetary value?



Gyo o hage me – Fulfill Your Duties – Do you work with you whole heart and soul and with grateful heart.

This meaning, in the sense of, is simply…do the right thing. Do what “life” asks of you-because everything that happens in your life is yours.

When you wake in the morning to begin your day, are you happy and eager to begin your day? When cleaning your home, are you thankful that you have a home to clean? Do you do chores with thanks? Can you imagine how FREEING this would be: To find joy in simplicity…



Hito ni shinsetsu ni – Be good

Be kind, loving and compassionate. When we harm others by thoughts, words or acts, we actually are hurting ourselves more than anything else. The act, simple stated, “be good” takes a very broad approach in our everyday lives. Doing good…being good…this is a sense of doing what is inherently “all that is right”. We are free to make a choice in helping ourselves to heal. In spreading good, we become a “significant” part of the “BIG PICTURE”.

Everyday unfolds new lessons. How do we respond? Each of us has such unique character that is needed in this world. We are able to make a difference. Maybe not in “the world” but most definitely in the world we are given to impact. If we take full responsibility for our actions without pointing to others inadequacies….how much more can we learn.


The Reiki Principles – say them daily in the morning:

Just for Today







This is an easy daily meditation. Try it daily for a while. The change within will occur. Yes, really….