Massage Therapists







Franz is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Manual Lymph Drainage Therapist. He is also a Jikiden Reiki® Practitioner. Franz began his career life by earning his business degree as well as a Master Tool and Die Maker in Saarbrucken, Germany and was employed by SKF Industries in Germany and the United States.

He retired from the SKF, Altoona Plant, after 32 years and embarked on his new journey and career. With his wife, Deborah, they began Reiki Center for Body and Mind, Inc. Franz continues to enhance his massage practice by addressing the needs of the clients and continually pursues additional educational opportunities. He offers “Therapeutic Massage” and the following key specialized modalities: Myofascial Release Massage, Manual Lymph Drainage Massage and Deep Tissue Massage. Franz is also a Jikiden Reiki® Practitioner.



Tim Troutman,  Jr.,  LMT




Tim is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Jikiden Reiki® Practitioner and Jikiden Reiki® assistant teacher (Shihan Kaku) within the Jikiden Reiki® Institute in Kyoto, Japan. Tim travels with the Reiki Center to educate and demonstrate the Integrative Care system. His interests lie in natural wellness and that began at a very young age. Tim is consistently increasing massage techniques and added Thai Massage to the modalities offered at the Reiki Center. Tim is currently pursuing his degree in Kinesiology. He continues to present and demonstrate Jikiden Reiki and massage for our community and corporate events and continues his Reiki education through the Jikiden Reiki Institute Kyoto, Japan. Tim also instructs the community of the efficacy of essential oils.