About Franz and Deborah Pecka and their Reiki Center Mission



Franz and Deb own and operate Reiki Center for Body and Mind, Inc. The Reiki Center is located at 1301 Allegheny St, Suite 101, Hollidaysburg, PA. Their Mission was and is to establish and maintain a wellness center that offers Complementary and Integrative care to the local and neighboring communities.  These services have grown and include Reiki, Massage and AromaTouch Technique/Aromatherapy Wrap. Educational services include Reiki, Infant Massage for Parents/Caregivers, Essential Oils Workshops and Demonstrations, and Natural Wellness Education. They most recently added a FAR infrared Sauna with Chromotherapy, Health Coaching and Ionic Foot Detox.

They are located in the scenic and historical town of Hollidaysburg, PA., and serve communities in Blair, Bedford, Centre, Cambria and Somerset counties. The Center travels to wellness events to educate the community about the benefits of those modalities classified as Complementary and Integrative Care. Deborah is also a Reiki Research Practitioner with Harvard University to continue to present the clinical studies of how Reiki can benefit wellness and quality of life.

Both are certified to teach Infant Massage Classes to Parents and Caregivers through the HypnoBirthing® Institute and are Wellness Advocates/Educators for DōTERRA Essential Oils.

Franz is a Licensed Massage Therapist and continues his education directive to expand of modalities offered to clients.

Deborah is a graduate of Trinity School of Natural Health where she completed her studies within several course structures: Doctor of Naturopathy, Certified Natural Health Specialist and Health Coach. She is currently a Board Certified Traditional Naturopath and Licensed Ecclesiastical Health Practitioner. She is a Reiki Master/Karuna Reiki Master Level and continued her education by attending Eastern Reiki (Jikiden Reiki®) training given by Arjava Petter and Yohei Yamaguchi and Dr Paula Johnson.

They are Jikiden Reiki® Institute in Kyoto, Japan and the Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals, Guardian Ecclesiastical Medical Association and American Association for Drugless Practitioners. Deborah is an approved provider within the NCBTMB for Massage Therapists.

The Center continues to grow and to serve our community by adding various educational classes and modalities that keep with the foundation of the Center: to present, teach and offer complementary and integrative therapies to enhance wellness and quality of life. Classes are designed to educate, empower and encourage.

In 2011, Reiki Center opened its doors at 1301 Allegheny St, Suite 112. Opportunities occurred within the next two years, and the Center grew to its current location: 1301 Allegheny Street, Suite 101, Hollidaysburg, PA in Blair County, Pennsylvania. The Center serves the surrounding areas including Cambria, Bedford, Huntingdon, Somerset and Centre counties.

The Center’s invitations with various organizations include, but are not limited to the following: Jikiden Reiki Association in Japan, American Holistic Medicine Association, Blair County Chamber of Commerce and Hollidaysburg Business Partnership. Deb was awarded the”VIP-Woman of the Year” for 2013-2014 as a member of the National Association of Professional Women.

Franz and Deb continue to expand as they provide validity to integrative care by reviewing clinical studies to present during presentations. Presentations and demonstrations for various organizations are increasing within our own community. The Reiki Center Team has become a welcomed guest to these organizations as the message grows: how we can increase our quality of life with integrative care modalities. 

The Center also set a milestone as the Center became an approved site to offer the program established by Reiki Rays of Hope for Caregivers, Inc. – Mentor Ohio. This program EMPOWERS the caregiver by offering Reiki for Caregivers as specific curriculum paying close attention to the needs of the caregivers and those in their care. The caregiver group includes doctors, nurses, home health professionals, etc. We look to the caregiver agencies to present a short presentation that will give clear identification of the vast areas in which Reiki shows significant benefits.

In 2014, the first Reiki Clinic within the Medical/Clinical environment opened within a local long-term/short-term care facility. Each Wednesday, the volunteers offered Reiki sessions to the staff and residents. Within 18 months, 368 sessions were documented. 

Participation in MANY events has led to a greater understanding of how the integrative care system can play a role in our wellness and quality of life. These events include Bryce Jordan Center, Health and Fitness Expo, Lutheran Home Wellness Event, Altoona Mirror Wellness Expo, Southern Blair Senior Center, Northern Blair Senior Center, McCullough Place Long-Term/Short-Term Care, VA Medical Center, Home Helpers, UPMC, VA Medical Center… to name just a few. Each provides a new opportunity to educate and demonstrate the modalities that the Center offers.

“Reiki has enriched our lives; we are very blessed to have the opportunity to present the benefits of complementary methods of wellness to our community. We feel that Complementary Care fits well within our local traditional Medical/Clinical environment to promote natural wellness and balance of mind, body and spirit,” Franz and Deb said.




Reiki Center for Body and Mind, Inc will

  • increase the awareness of the benefits of Reiki  within the Medical/Clinical environment
  • provide an educational environment for Integrative Care
  • increase the awareness of a natural approach to wellness
  • create a calm and nurturing environment for our clients
  • complement traditional medicine with honor and respect
  • teach and support those who are called to learn Reiki
  • expand to other areas of helpfulness such as meditation groups and various support groups







Kyo Dake Wa – Just for Today…


Ikaruna – I will be free of anger

Shinpai suna – I will be free of worry

Kansha Shite – I will be grateful for my many blessings

Gyo o hagme – I will do my work honestly and with my whole heart and soul

Hito ni shin setsu ne – I will be kind to all