Does Insurance pay for any of these services?

At the present time, we are aware that the Health Saving Account MAY reimburse for massage therapy. This is always a question for the specific carrier and financial institution.

Some insurance carriers MAY reimburse for massage; however, the individual must check with the carrier. We issue receipts that the client can present for reimbursement purposes. We DO NOT submit claims to insurance companies.


How often do I need a session or therapy?

We will tell you that you need to listen to your body; it will direct you to the answer. Our clients have a variation of time between sessions. For example, a client comes in for massage once a week to assist with pain management. So, no one can answer the question better than you. You and your massage therapist will talk about this in greater detail after your session. 


Is there paperwork to complete?       

Yes, client intake sheets are completed and this takes approximately 10 minutes. Once your paperwork is completed, you will speak with the massage therapist to discuss the your specific process.

How long is the session?
A typical session is 30-90 minutes. This is your choice.